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  • We have a wealth of experience
  • We provide added value advice
  • We have pride in our work

The above summary of course is only words and the proof is in the delivery of the service.

Read our client testimonials which hopefully provide some proof that we do indeed deliver what we promise. I know what you may be thinking – that we could just make up our own testimonials to make us look good – I can assure you they are all genuine quotes from happy clients!

If you are starting up in business or indeed if you are already in business please contact us for a free no obligations chat to see how we can help you.

Ok - You are starting out in business so how do you go about choosing an Accountant?

The best way, if possible, is to have a chat with someone you know who is already involved in a business and try to find out as much as you can about their Accountant such as:-

  • Do they provide a good service?
  • Do they provide good advice?
  • Are they easy to get in contact with?
  • Do they speak in a language you understand?
  • Are their charges reasonable?

If the individual you know is happy to refer you to their accountant then generally this is an excellent sign since as we all know in life people do not make referrals without due consideration - just in case things go wrong!

The vast majority of our new clients arise out of referrals from existing clients.

So what should I do if I do not know anyone in business who already has an Accountant?

In general terms you will have the choice of 3 sizes of accountancy firms:-

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

We fit into the “medium” category.

Typical disadvantages with smaller Accountancy firms:

  • Typically, the main person may have too much to do
  • Inadequate support team in terms of service and advice which can be provided
  • Problems when staff are off sick

Typical disadvantages with bigger Accountancy firms:

  • Likely to be more expensive
  • Less of a personal service
  • Likely that inexperienced staff will be dealing with your affairs

I don’t think this will come as a surprise but would just like to take the opportunity of saying thanks to Sally for a brilliant service – she always copes with last minute requests re forgotten bonus etc. and turns around the work very quickly and efficiently. I do a few very small payrolls for clients and this has made me appreciate all Sally’s hard work even more!

Thank you for the continued excellent service you have provided, in particular your quick responses to the many requests for support at short notice that I have sent.

I will be referring on your services to my contracting colleagues.

Regards, Liam Power, Director, L&D Business Consulting Ltd

Hi Craig

Thanks for the very prompt response and, as always, great service.

All the best for now. A

Thanks, as always, for your advice today. Sterling service Robert, Elaine too.

I often never have/ take time to think outside the “commitment to the workload” (work) and all that’s going on with the wee one.

Much appreciated Mr B

It just remains for me to thank you and your colleagues for the exemplary service and advice that you have given me over the last fifteen years. From the day I met you I sensed that I was in good hands and that proved correct as I have never had a moments concern over the way that you have handled my company affairs. Thank you.

Thanks Robert

That’s great news!

I guess this is the end of our use of your services. We would both like to say that it has been a real pleasure doing business with you as we have always found you to be extremely helpful, friendly and professional. If it would be of any benefit to you, please let us know if you would like us to communicate our “high customer satisfaction” to anyone else within your company.

Wishing you all the best for the future , Mary (and on behalf of Bill)

Alistair (and Andrew)

I'm impressed with the very thorough work you have done on my behalf - more complex than in previous years, because of my change of status during the tax year. Clearly, your careful analysis has worked out to my advantage!

Thank you all for your excellent work, this year and in previous years

Yours sincerely, MR LB

A good friend of mine, Mr XXx ; an IT Contractor, uses your services and has recommended you to me. His words were along the lines of "Probably the best accountancy firm in the UK". He does not suffer fools, so such a recommendation is not given lightly; I can tell you that for certain.

Morning Robert,

Thanks again for the call yesterday, liberating to say the least. The situation, as I said earlier, has been worrying me for many months now and not only have you put a light at the end of the tunnel but have cut the tunnel in half and thrown in a row of halogen lights to show the way!

Paul Phillips


Just wanted to say thank you very much for sorting out my company affairs (XXX Limited).

I received a Tax Refund Cheque from Inland Revenue today, and everything else seems to be in order.

Id also like to commend Craig Elliot - he is really on the ball.

I owe you a beer if I'm ever visiting the UK and happen to be in Glasgow.

Thanks again

Mr P Ralphs

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