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Some providers only offer one way to run your company, we don’t. Read the different services we offer to discover your options.

Don't be treated like a number. Choose the service that suits you!

Most of our clients require support during the year and, therefore, decide to use our start-up service along with either our Gold Service or Platinum Plus Service.

Although we don't like to generalise, the type of client who uses our Platinum Plus Service (PPS) is the individual who doesn't have the time (or in some cases the inclination) to deal with book-keeping and administration matters. They want this chore taken off their hands and therefore choose our PPS service.

For individuals who like to be a bit more 'hands-on' with their company and get more involved in book-keeping and administration, we would recommend our Gold service.

Please click on the links below to review, in more detail, what is included under each service.

All you do is you choose a company name and we do the rest. We offer a fully inclusive new company start-up service. Our start up service includes the following: -.

  • Purchasing company on your behalf
  • Completion of all statutory forms for Companies House
  • Registration of the company with HM Revenue & Customs
  • Registration of the company for VAT
  • Considering what VAT scheme is appropriate for the Company
  • Provision of initial tax planning advice
  • Assistance with completion of first VAT return

The process of getting a company for you can be completed within the space of a few days.

We offer three separate levels of service. These are:

  • Year-end service
  • Gold service
  • Platinum plus service

Our comparison table below shows what is covered under each service and the costs involved for each of them:

    Year-end Service Gold Service Platinum Plus Service
  Monthly charge



  Annual charge £900 £1,200 £300
Assistance with 1st VAT Return    


Statutory financial accounts  

Company tax return form CT600  

Corporation tax computation  

Company payroll    

P11D expenses and benefits forms    

Companies House confirmation statement    

Completion/Maintenance of PSC register      

Ongoing general advice    

Dividend planning calculator    

Book-keeping package  

Full book-keeping service      

Quarterly VAT Returns      

Monthly profit & loss account and balance sheet      

Administration of dividends      

Monitoring your personal tax position      

Please note the following:

  1. The prices quoted above exclude VAT.
  2. A book-keeping package is not required for the platinum plus service as GRANTS carry out this work.
  3. Our fees will qualify for corporation tax relief of at least 19% - so the net cost is 81% (or less) of above figures.

Some individuals contract for a short period of time and some individuals contract for many years.

Regardless of how long an individual contracts for, at some point in time the company will have to be closed down.

Our “Closing Down Service” is a very important part of the overall service we provide to our contractor clients.

There are various matters that need to be attended to:

  • De-registration of payroll
  • De-registration of vat number
  • Disposal of company assets
  • Preparation of cessation financial accounts
  • Submission of final accounts to HMRC and Companies House
  • Official de-registration of company at Companies House

Our service will ensure that all of the above compliance matters are properly and timeously dealt with.

In addition to dealing with compliance matters our “Closing Down Service” will also include a tax planning exercise to advise on the timing and method of paying out the remaining funds in the company to its shareholders.

It is a fact that many of our clients have saved substantial amounts of money by virtue of the advice provided by us over the closing down process.

We can also provide the following services if requested:

HMRC tax enquiry assistance
We can assist with HMRC enquiries in respect of your company or you as an individual.  We also offer a tax investigation service to safeguard you against the cost of such enquiries. Please click here to download our Q&A document.

Company Services

Provision of registered office address
Allowing you to use our address as the company’s registered office
Provision of company secretarial services
GRANTS can act as your company secretary allowing us to sign documents on behalf of the company.
Preparation of management accounts
Sometimes these are necessary to allow you to establish the up to date financial position of the business.
Contract Review Service
We work closely with IR35 specialists, Markel who can review your contract and give an opinion as to whether IR35 applies or not.

Personal Services

Preparation of Self-Assessment Tax Returns
It is almost certain as a company director that HMRC will request you to complete a personal Tax Return.  We can assist you with this – our charges starting from £200 + VAT.
Buy-to-let property accounts preparation
If you own properties that you rent out, you may need assistance in preparing accounts that will in turn be included on your Tax Return. We can advise on what expenses can be claimed and indeed what cannot be claimed
Completion of mortgage references
We can complete these on your behalf as required by your lender.

We also work closely with our partners in business, which enables us to recommend services such as:

The majority of contractors require insurances such as professional indemnity and public liability insurance.  We can put you in touch with an insurance broker who will source the most competitive premiums.
Financial services
As contractors are effectively in business on their own account, they should give consideration to various financial services matters such as: pensions, health and medical insurances and investments.  We can introduce you to an independent financial advisor to assist you with this.
Legal services
We can recommend lawyers to you whether it is in connection with business matters or personal matters.

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