Our book-keeping services

What book-keeping Services do we Provide?

The level of (and frequency) of service depends on the individual requirements of our clients:-

  • We can carry out all book-keeping duties – this is appropriate for clients who neither have the time or the inclination to deal with book-keeping matters.
  • We can deal with some aspects of book-keeping – many of our clients like to record the basic transactions and allow us to check over the figures periodically, for example, on a quarterly basis when we are often asked to complete VAT returns.
  • We carry out no book-keeping duties – some of our clients have an in-house bookkeeper who carries out all the book-keeping duties however, we are still there to be of service to provide advice to the bookkeeper as required.
  • We can carry out book-keeping services on behalf of our clients in our own office, or at a client’s premises whichever is more suitable.

It is a fact that most of our clients "books and records" are actually maintained by way of "computer records". This has made it far easier to transfer information between us and to provide support services to our clients in this area.

What some of our clients say...

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