Accounting systems set up and development

We will advise you on the most appropriate bookkeeping/accounting system to suit your needs.

For smaller businesses we like to “keep it simple” and we will recommend a bookkeeping package on excel spreadsheets. We have developed our own “easy to use” excel bookkeeping system, which we can tailor to suit the needs of your own individual business.

For larger businesses with more transactions it is unlikely that a simple excel bookkeeping system will provide sufficient financial control and in these cases we will recommend an accounting software product. There are many different products available and we will discuss your needs to ensure that the most suitable and cost effective product is purchased.

We can then provide “hands on assistance” to help you get your accounting system set up. Getting things set up from the onset will ensure that you get maximum return from the financial output to help you monitor and control your business. We will monitor how appropriate your accounting system is, as your business develops and assist you in making necessary changes to your accounting system as required.

What some of our clients say...

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