Examples - part 1

Choosing the optimum business structure

The “business start up” section of our website explains the importance of choosing the most appropriate trading entity when you are starting up in business, however, ongoing businesses perhaps due to growth, may benefit from a change to their business structure and this is something we constantly review.

Planning a tax efficient income strategy for limited company shareholders/directors

If you are operating through a limited company we would advise on who the shareholders should be and how much should be drawn from the company by the way of salary and dividends.

Choosing the most financially advantageous way to account for VAT

If your business turnover is less than £150,000 then you can opt to join the Flat Rate VAT Scheme and we will consider whether or not this is financially beneficial for you.

Maximising tax deductible expenditure

We will advise you on allowable expenses which may be claimed for tax purposes.

What some of our clients say...

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